Thursday, 25 September 2014

Vadilal Champaklal & Co. ‘Dry Fruit’ Delight

We often hear our peers telling us about the unconditional love that they share with dry fruits. How they love a milkshake, cookie, or for that matter, even a chocolate bar, filled with the goodness of healthy nuts and dry fruits! But don’t we all love them? It is the very taste, and the inviting temptation that urges us to indulge in the healthy world of dry fruits.

To satisfy such healthy cravings of ours, Vadilal Champaklal & Co. have come up with an online website that caters to Quality Dry Fruits, Spices, Sweets, and Namkeens.

A company, now run by fourth generation entrepreneurs, Vadilal Champaklal & Co. has been providing Quality Dry Fruits, Farsans, and Mithais, which is ideal for house hold use, festival and corporate gifting. Although their foundation dates back to more than 6 decades, they still continue to dominate their presence in the market when it comes to the ‘Dry Fruit’ sector. With the help of their Online Store, it makes it more convenient for customers to order quality products with just a click of their mouse. Visit their website here -

Focusing on complete customer satisfaction, their products have been manually sorted out in order to maintain the quality of the products, consistently. They offer delivery in maximum 48 hours within Mumbai, and additionally, also undertake personalized jobs related to festive giftings, corporate giftings and other happy celebrations.

If you’re a dry fruit lover, you just can’t miss the range of fresh products that they have in store. Go on! Have a wonderful day!